Central Laos

Ever since Tha Khaek opened its French colonial petals to travellers a few years back and the dramatic 7km-long underworld of Tham Kong Lo became a must-see fixture on itineraries, Central Laos with its honeycomb of caves and dragon-green jungle, has been enticing you to visit.

Immersive treks in Dong Phu Vieng NPA allow you to sleep with the spirits in a Katang village, while caving and kayaking in Khammuan and Bolikhamsai Provinces can be organised in Tha Khaek.

This part of the country claims the most forest cover and highest concentrations of wildlife, including some species that have disappeared elsewhere in Southeast Asia. With its rugged, intrepid travel, and stylish pockets of comfort in Savannakhet and Tha Khaek, central Laosmakes for a great place to combine your inner Indiana Jones with a Bloody Mary.


Places in Central Laos

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Our One Day Trek in Luang Prabang

Last month, I guided a tour with six adventuresome travelers from the UK.  As you can see in the pics, we had a lot of fun. Here’s a little info about the trek: Kuang Si Waterfall Kuang Si (Xi) Waterfall is the biggest in the Luang Prabang area with three tiers leading to a 50-metre drop into spectacular azure pools …

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